SayCheese – Remote Camera Apk Download For Android

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Take awesome group selfies using 2 phones! Say hello to SayCheese!
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Franco Yoav
May 9, 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
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SayCheese – Remote Camera Apk Download For Android


SayCheese – Remote Camera Apk Download For Android. Take great group selfies using 2 telephones! Make proper acquaintance with SayCheese!

You presumably know the circumstances when you go out for an excursion with companions, dine with your family, or simply need to take a group picture and can’t discover anybody to help you taking the pictures.

Possibly you can take the image without anyone else, yet you won’t be in it.

Perhaps you can put a clock, however, you won’t know how the picture will turn out.

Possibly you can take a selfie, yet that is excessively close, and you won’t have the option to see everybody.


SayCheese – Remote Camera Apk


SayCheese - Remote Camera Apk Download For Android
SayCheese – Remote Camera Apk Download For Android


say cheese – Remote Camera is an application for simply those circumstances!

say cheese encourages you to control your companion’s camera remotely.

By using two telephones – one fills in as a remote shade and different fills in as the remote camera SayCheese empowers you to catch pictures and recordings by controlling the remote telephone as a camera from your telephone.

You don’t need to be associated with the web when using SayCheeze, it empowers you to perceive what the remote camera sees in a disconnected manner by our enchantment!

say cheese might be utilized when:

– An outing or a trek abroad

– Family/companions group pictures in wherever

– Selfie

– Remote picture control

– Live stream from a remote spot

– Security camera/IP camera

– Remote Control

– Many more…

Significant highlights

– Live and quickly see the screen

– Focus

– Remote camera control

– Take remote recordings and pictures

– Pictures are being spared in both remote screen and camera in full quality!

– Set postpone clock

– Selfie and blaze modes

– Live sync between gadgets

– Material plan

– Flash mode

– No web association is required

– Pictures can be taken remotely with over 200m separation!

– All android forms are bolstered

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Also, more soon!

In the event that you have a few proposals or thoughts on how to improve SayCheeze (SayCheese) – Remote Camera application let us know!

The application gives you center and shade trigger control remotely over a nearby WiFi arrange, you can know when the photograph has been taken remotely by the camera with a sound and an activity in the two telephones.

State Cheese likewise can fill in as a swap for Bluetooth remote camera and be utilized as a camera remote control!

State Cheese additionally can help for remote control on the old telephone on a child bed or remote control as a surveillance camera


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